9 Critical Landscape Photography Tips

Landscape photography can be tricky, but these tips and tricks will help you out along the way! I’ve included nine of my personal favorite landscape photography tips, from composition to post-processing techniques.

Tip #1: Flip your landscape photos horizontally in post-processing to see them with a new eye.

Tip #2: Bookend your panoramas by taking a photo of your hand before the first shot. That way, it’s much easier to find where each new panorama begins.

Tip #3: Wait for patterns in the natural world. If you missed a shot, chances are good that the same scene will appear again.

Tip #4: Refine your photos. The best time to fix any problems with an image? In the field. Analyze your photos carefully and try to make each one better than the last.

Tip #5: Unify your photo’s emotional message. If the sky is ominous and intense but the subject is peaceful, your photo can feel disjointed. But when the light, subject, and composition are all on the same page, your landscape photos will be more effective.

Tip #6: Ask yourself questions. The more decisions you can bring to the surface, instead of letting them be happenstance, the more refined you can make your photo. Like the previous tip, this also includes your emotional message.

Tip #7: Move your feet. Landscape photography is a contact sport! Don’t keep your tripod at eye level and take 100 of the same composition at sunset. Find higher vantage points, different foregrounds, and unexpected angles.

Tip #8: Know your camera. Even though landscape photography can move slower than other genres, the difference between a keeper and a failure can sometimes be just a few seconds. Know your camera by heart, and you’ll save valuable time in the field.

Tip #9: Be diligent about which photos you display. One or two bad landscape photos in an otherwise amazing portfolio can drag the whole thing down.

I hope you liked this video! If you have any comments or tips of your own, please let me know below!

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