Basic Focus Stacking – Part 2 of 3

In this video I Merge together the photographs I shot last week, using several shots in increments overlapping focused areas in the frame (focus stack) so we can have more depth-of-field (more in focus). If you’ve ever tried to get up close to your subject you’ll know that you lose focus. This will help you when you want to make sure all of your subject is in focus.

I set my f-stop to f8 and then set the shutter speed and ISO to obtain a good exposure shooting in RAW.

2 Stack tips: 00:31

Leaf Stack – a bit more stacks: 06:51

Fixing stack problems: 11:20

In the beginnng of the leaf stack I made a group. If you don’t know how to make a group go to 06:51


This is the second video of three.

1. Shoot a stack

2. Merge images in Photoshop – This video

3. Post process Macro style

In this video I talk about Helicon Focus and Zerine Stacker check the links down below for more details:

This is my Basic tutorial on Helicon Focus:

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