John Gress Lighting Workshops – Introduction – Full – Long Winded

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I didn’t get to where I am without help; that’s why I want to pass along my knowledge to others.
This workshop series is for semi-professional and professional photographers who want to take their lighting to the next level. It’s priced so you can afford it! You don’t have to take out a second mortgage or run a pyramid scheme. You can just be a real life photographer who takes pictures—and is maybe even making a living doing just that.

I love to explore lighting, and to experiment with new techniques and ideas to refine my craft and to create better images every time I pick up a camera. But I also love empowering photographers to build their self-confidence and their skills.

During our intensive two-day hands-on workshop, we’ll start with one light and work our way up to four or five, while recreating some of my best images and improving new set-ups. We’ll practice with a professional model(s), problem solve, talk about modifiers, ratios, and post production. But most importantly, I want everyone to leave understanding why they would use each light, what happens to your look when you adjust the power of each light, and what I do to achieve my look and style. I have limited these workshops to only three attendees in Chicago, and 10 attendees elsewhere, because I want to make sure that everyone gets a chance to learn the concepts and put them to use.

Please bring your camera and be ready to shoot, as we’ll be taking turns and creating new content for our portfolios and feeds. In addition, we will have a little competition at the end and you might win something, hopefully, or get a consensual pat on the back from your colleagues.

When we’re all done, we can go to dinner, recap what you’ve learned, and talk about how to put these new skills to work!

All images taken can be used in your portfolio (online and social platforms), but please hashtag #johngressworkshops. The models have rights too, so you can’t use the images commercially, to advertise photo shoots, or promote anything that is a professional service or product. Basically, you would need a model release to do that and you won’t have one.

If you need to cancel after any payment has been made, we will need to resell your spot in order to receive a refund, so please give us advance notice.

You are required to have fun, ask questions, learn, and make new friends!

Music: Going Higher by Bensound