Landscape Photography Editing in Lightroom – Lightroom 6 cc Advanced Tutorial From Start to Finish!

In this video I’m editing a Sunset Photo from the Isle of Skye using Lightroom. I’m taking the RAW file and turning it into the finished and fully edited photo while explaining every step I do from start to finish. In this tutorial I’m editing not very streamlined but I really mix up different sliders with each other and give you a look into the workflow I use when editing myself with every tip and trick.

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I have been photographing for over 3 years now and because I started shooting RAW very early I needed a program to edit them, I looked into a lot of raw converters and at the end decided to go with Lightroom because it seemed like a very versatile, affordable and user friendly program.

Now I’ve been using Lightroom for almost 3 years have never felt the need to change to another software. I have edited hundreds and hundreds of images, my techniques and pictures continually developed and I was getting happier and happier with the result I was getting. Many People asked my how I edited this landscape, how did I do that etc.. So I figured I’d just make a guide and put it on YouTube and post a text / stills version here. I am sure I have still a lot to learn and there are many different ways and styles and ways to edit landscapes but here I’m just showing you my way, my workflow on how I edit most of my landscapes, keep in mind that what I’m going to show here is a very rough version of my workflow, it would be impossible to to list all detailed adjustments and how I mix different settings together for 1 setting, many thought only 1 slider was for etc.. But still, if you like my style of editing I do to my images this might give you some inspiration, ideas or help you out for your editing 🙂



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