Live Studio Photography – Behind the Scenes #1 : Marisa

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Hey everyone, this is our first time trying a live stream in studio with our multi-camera setup. The goal is to create images live so people can see the lighting setups and other decisions uninterrupted, as well as ask questions along the way.

I really hope you find this long-form content helpful and we can do it regularly, so if you enjoy it make sure to let us know!

In the studio we have a very diverse set of lighting tools and modifiers to choose from including.

Godox AD600 Pro, Godox QT600II, Godox QS600II, Godox AD360II, Godox AD400 Pro, Godox AD200, as well as V860II’s and TT600’s.
For modifiers we have beauty dishes, softboxes, deep softboxes, reflectors, gels, umbrellas, snoots, and more.