Photo Deconstruction: One Light Beauty Image w/ Different Skin Tones

In this video I deconstruct how I light two drastically different skin tones with a single light source. For this photograph my concept was to contrast the very pale skin against the darker skin thus creating an elegant and graphic result.

I styled each model with headbands to hide their hair and create a cleaner canvas for the image. The makeup was selected to emphasize the beautiful skin tone of each model.

Then, I used a Westcott Scrim Jim in a size of 8x8ft to create a very large, flat and soft light source. The larger the light source is compared to the subject, the softer the light will be. This created very flattering and even illumination on both of my models. The scrim was illuminated by a single strobe far enough away from the scrim to allow it to create a large area of illumination (and thus a softer light source).

I tweaked the colors and contrast in post-processing to further emphasize the concept of the image.

Canon 5D IV:
Canon 24-105mm 4.0:
Profoto D1:
Westcott Scrim Jim 8x8ft with 3/4 stop diffusion:

Creative Team:
Makeup Artists: Yvonne Macinnis and Lijha Stewart
Models: Ayet Betty and Elena Sartison

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